Friday, October 28, 2011

Swiftech® Unveils New Multi-port Apogee™ HD Flagship CPU Waterblock and MCRx20 Drive (Rev3) PC Radiators

Long Beach, CA – October 28, 2011 - Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech® today announced the release for retail sales of their new flagship CPU waterblock, the Apogee™ HD, concurrently with Revision 3 of the Patent Pending MCRx20 Drive series of PC radiators.

Close to 18 months in the making, the Apogee™ HD was designed to surpass its predecessor the Award Winning Apogee™ XT in all critical areas: improved thermal performance, reduced flow restriction, new choices of colors, classic black or fashionable white, fine-tuned mounting system, lower cost, and an exclusive innovative feature that works in conjunction with the new Revision of the MCRx20 Drive™ PC Radiators: the Multi-port connectivity.
“We wanted the new Apogee HD to best  the XT by significant thermal and hydraulic performance margins, which also included competitive testing and we wouldn’t quit until we had every sample of the best waterblocks on the market beat”, said Gabriel Rouchon Swiftech’s Chairman & CTA, adding “We also felt that we needed a clear competitive edge with our enthusiast users by continuing to bring innovative features to the table, so we developed the multi-port connectivity: supplemental ports were added to the Apogee HD and to the MCR x20 Drive radiators; this enables quite dramatic flow rate improvements in complex systems where multiple water-blocks are used to cool CPU, Graphics processor, Chipset, Memory and other devices.”
Introduction of the white color was a refreshing addition to the classic black, and was also accompanied by the recent unveiling of similar choices among the company’s offerings, such as the MCW82 Universal GPU cooler, the MCP35 pump series, and the new line of SLI/Crossfire bridges. This clearly marked the company’s  intent to offer a comprehensive line of color-coordinated devices for system builders and enthusiast modders.  
In parallel, the company also announced substantial price reductions for the new MCRx20 Drive (Rev3) series of radiators, which were rendered possible by recent investments that the company made in state-of-the-art machinery.
Finally, and with the release of the aforementioned products which are the building blocks for the company’s liquid cooling kit business, similar news are expected to follow suit shortly  regarding their H20 Edge and Ultima lines of Liquid Cooling Kits.

MSRP & Product Page Links:
Apogee™ HD CPU waterblock: $74.95
MCRx20 Drive Rev3 radiators: from $85 to $169.95

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