Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Here! Download iOS 5 and iCloud Right Now!

Well it's finally here folks; iOS 5! I just got done spending hours trying to get it to install (after a fairly slow download) on my iPhone 3GS. Ironic too since I also got a FedEx tracking number today for my iPhone 4S that will be here soon (which is said to have iOS 5 pre-installed! Thanks!) Best of luck to everyone right now trying to get it to install. The main problem seems to be (or was earlier today) that so many people are upgrading to iOS 5 at the same time that the Apple servers are getting crushed! Don't forget to update your iTunes to the latest 10.5 that just came out before you bother with iOS 5.

Once downloaded, it probably took me about 15-18 tries to get it to finally get past the point right after extracting software, at the start of verifying iPhone to restore, or some facsimile of those words. It was so incredibly frustrating, but a quick Google search starting pulling up many more people having the same issue. The main culprit has been unknown error: 3200, and apparently that just means Apple's overloaded. Patience is the only factor to victory in this battle so stick with it and it will eventually go through.

Now with iOS 5 successfully installed and running smoothly, I can say it was worth it. There are many new features including a brand new notification center, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter, Camera Features, Photos, Safari, PC-Free and many many more!

After a few minutes with iOS 5, the first thing I noticed was that the iPod app is gone and replaced with two separate apps; one for Music and one for Video, similar to the iPad's setup. It's a little odd at first but I think once I get used to it, it'll feel natural. The notification center is far and away the most anticipated new feature and I can say that it doesn't disappoint! It feels like the iPhone has been freed finally. The quick launch camera app, by double tapping the home button when locked, is another great feature that I will use a ton. That brings me to the new PhotoStream feature in iCloud which will disperse all your new photos to all your iOS devices automatically and invisibly. That's it for now. Good luck!

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