Friday, July 20, 2012

Thermaltake Releases the Muse 5G Next-Gen HDD External Enclosure

Taipei, Taiwan – July 20, 2012Thermaltake, being the industry pioneer brand with expertise in PC chassis, power supply and thermal solution, introduces the Muse 5G series, the next-generation external hard drive enclosure for authors, scientists and artists in the 21st century to unite their power and soul by collecting and protecting all precious inspiration.

Enlightenment – The Source of Knowledge
Thermaltake Muse is named after the 9 goddesses of Greek mythology, poetry and literature. The goddesses are considered the source of knowledge that became the representatives of poetry, the arts and science, and sources of inspiration. Thermaltake, carring the corporate mission of  “delivering the perfect user experience”,has insight into the importance and the power of knowledge, thus specially developed the Muse 5G series in a high quality aluminum housing to provide a better heat dissipation as well as an elegant look like the goddesses we all have imagined.

Advancement – The Way of Managing
Thermaltake Muse Series was first introduced back in 2005 during the explosion of digital data period when users own more HDDs than ever before. The Muse Series was developed to aid users in managing the source of knowledge and inspiration. As the years passed by, digital source not only disseminated, it has also increased exponentially in its size. In order to keep up with the rapid increase and changes, Thermaltake incorporated the USB 3.0 to maximize the transfer rate, plug & play to reduce the hustles of installation, and LED light indicator on the new Muse 5G series to bring out a better source management.

Thermaltake Muse 5G series includes a 2.5” for SATA HDD & SSD drives up to 12.5mm thickness and a 3.5” that supports SATA I/II/III technology hard drives. Guarding your uninterrupted flow of knowledge, Thermaltake Muse 5G series is absolutely your best work company.

For more details on the Thermaltake “Muse 5G series” information please visit:

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