Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zipbuds Launches Headphones & Enhanced Earbuds Lines @CES

San Diego, California - Zipbuds, innovators of the original zip-up, tangle-free earbuds with top quality sound and functionality, will move into uncharted territory at CES with the launch of its first ever L.A.B. headphones line. The company will also introduce two enhanced lines of its popular tangle-free earbuds. Each line will be available at various price points and will feature Zipbuds' patented Zipper Integrated Cabling(TM) design combined with cutting edge sound technology.

Known for pioneering the trend-setting zipper earbud design, Zipbuds is set to wow its fans and gadget enthusiasts by converting its signature zipper cabling and premium sound quality to its new ultra-sleek L.A.B. headphones line. Further whetting consumers' appetites, L.A.B. headphones will feature three models: "Select," "Choice" and "Prime." L.A.B. Select, retailing at $59.99 (USD), includes Zipper Integrated Cabling(TM), 38mm drivers and striking accent colors. L.A.B. Choice, retailing at $99.99, features 40mm drivers and detachable, customizable zipper cabling. The flagship model, L.A.B. Prime, retails at $199.99.

It features 50mm drivers that deliver full spectrum sound, detachable, customizable zipper cabling, and an additional zipper cable with a 3-button microphone/remote.

On the heels of Zipbuds' recently-launched 2nd Generation (G2) earbud line, come yet even further enhanced earbuds that continue to push boundaries on both functionality and sound quality. At $19.99 retail, the new "Juiced" earbud line features 8mm drivers with colors that pop. The "Fresh" earbud line, starting at $39.99 retail, features Zipbuds' premium 8mm drivers, polished aluminum earbud housings and sound quality that will please even the pickiest of audiophiles. These powerful buds also offer a version featuring an Apple-certified, 3-button microphone/remote for $49.99 retail. "These new lines that we will be launching at CES, particularly the L.A.B. headphones, show that Zipbuds will continue to exceed consumer expectations," says Co-Owner Robin DeFay. "To say our signature zip up design has caught on in the marketplace would be an understatement. As we look forward to future innovations, our mentality will always remain focused on fusing superior sound with neoteric style."

The L.A.B. headphones and new earbud lines will be available for purchase in Spring 2012. All Zipbuds products are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and all other media devices that accept a traditional 3.5mm headphone input. For more information on existing Zipbuds lines visit www.zipbuds.com. Experience the complete line of Zipbuds products at the 2012 International CES, located at booth #5219 in the iLounge Pavilion.

Zipbuds, LLC was originally founded as Digital Group Audio (DGA) by two lifelong friends in 2007 as a start-up dedicated to manufacturing innovative and superior portable audio products. Zipbuds designs products to create an easier and more enjoyable experience for customers without ever compromising style. They travel the world searching for the highest quality parts and speakers to ensure each Zipbuds product offers premium sound quality unlike anything else. The name from Digital Group Audio (DGA) to Zipbuds occurred in 2011. Zipbuds is a trademark of Zipbuds, LLC, and the technology behind Zipbuds is patent pending worldwide. Copyright (C) 2012 Zipbuds, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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