Thursday, February 6, 2020

Netflix Finally Enables Users to Disable the Forced Autoplay Previews!!

Today is the day folks! Netflix has FINALLY given its users the ability to disable those annoying (at least to me) autoplay previews that harass you when you browse around the Netflix on screen menu.

I bet they've heard the feedback (ie. complaints) since they forced this feature upon everyone in 2016 without so much as a reach-around. I wasn't consulted to see if I wanted this feature, it was just implemented one day and that was that. Not a word from Netlix. Honestly, I had all but completely lost hope they would ever allow us to change it. 

What was the most annoying part of autoplay previews for you? For me personally, it was the sound playing as well. If the previews were silent by default and maybe required a touch of the remote to enable the audio on something I actually wanted to hear from, that wouldn't have been so maddening. Because i don't know about you, but I need a few seconds to read the damn text blurb when hovering over a selection and just as I got done reading it, and I wanted to move on, i was struck by a violent outburst of volume along with the video. It's also terrible for cord cutters as it's constantly loading video in the background while you're trying to read titles and descriptions. So a double whammy of sorts. 

But alas, the day has come! You can head on over to the official Netflix page here for the quick instructions on how to remove the autoplay previews. You'll have to login to the Netflix website and manage account to get to the setting (totally worth it). 

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