Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple Finally Releases iTunes 11 and It's Great! Download It Now!

Finally! After years of putting up with a pretty slow and clunky program, Apple finally overhauled the world's most popular music software; iTunes. I just downloaded and installed the new version 11 of iTunes and my first impressions are WOW! Below is the initial startup screen when you install iTunes 11. It's pretty much trying to familiarize you with the new layout quickly.

After playing with it for a few minutes, I'm honestly impressed. Everything is much faster, albeit moved around quick a bit. FYI, I hit "agree" on the above screen. I see no harm in it. Let's check out with the new iTunes home screen looks like...

Soooo much better than any of the previous versions. It's like iTunes is instantly modernized into top notch player. So many new features too that should have been there years ago. But let's check out the TV Shows menu for The Walking Dead: Season 3...

Much better descriptions that are easy to read and check it out! Screen grabs! About damn time! You can check out more of the new features here, or just go grab iTunes 11 right now.

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