Friday, December 30, 2011

iTattoo Cases Make's Use Of Your iPhone, iPad or Mac Apple Logo

College Station, Texas - Alundus, LLC's iTattoo Device Decal Product Line for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac make excellent use of your devices Apple logo. iTattoo products are removable hard case snap covers, stickers, and skins for protecting and customizing your portable devices. iTattoo Decals will make you standout from the crowd, all while not taking away from the beauty and sleekness of your product but instead adding a distinctive uniqueness. These decals actually cleverly merge the Apple icon into the design.

The iTattoo decals are the best designs in the universe for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. iTattoo products are removable hard snap case covers, stickers, and skins for protecting and customizing your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics ranging from simple one liners to major graphical overhauls of your device with ideas from around the globe. Stand out in the crowd with personalized customization from iTattoo.

We know not all customization products are created equal, in fact most completely cover all the beautiful features of your device which take away from its appeal. When you get a new device, covering it all up just won't cut it, you want to show it off. That is why we are dedicated to providing the best customized products available all while still enhancing the product and not taking away from the overall look and feel.

We make sure to use the highest quality materials that do nothing but enhance your device.

We picked Kickstarter to help us with startup costs because it is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. In business since 2009, Kickstarter has raised over $40 million dollars for 7,500 creative projects. The company operates from an all-or-nothing based funding method where projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands.

As an exclusive, Kickstarter supporters have the chance to pre-order the decals before the general public has access and at better than normal price. Our designers have created over 400  Designs and more to come! Here on this Kickstarter project, you will be able to get any of the 400  designs printed on any of the following product types:

* The Itattoo Thin Clear Hard Snap Case (iPhone 4 Only)
* The Itattoo Clear Protective Skin (iPhone 4 Only)
* The Itattoo Sticker Decal (iPhone 4, iPad, & Mac)

We will also have iTattoo Merchandise as additional incentives:
* The Itattoo Logo Sticker Decal
* The Itattoo Logo Sticker T-Shirt

All you need to do is find the package that fits you and then pledge. We are sure you will find something to spark your interest out of our 400  product designs. But Don't Just take Our Word for It. See for yourself on iTattoo online.

Why Buy from iTattoo?

* Premium Materials - micro-channels that prevent air bubbles from forming and allow for easy application and clean removal after years of use.

* Durability - durable material with anti-scratch, anti-UV coating with self-healing properties that offer unbelievable resistance to scratches and damage, and will extend the life of your device.

* Coverage - greater pliability and flexibility allows the iTattoo designs to cover the corners and curves of your device better than the competition.

* Ease of Install - easy to apply, allows for repositioning the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit.

* Drop Resistant - improved grip makes it easier to hang onto your expensive gadgets.

* Print Quality - iTattoo use high-res, vibrant art-quality designs printed on premium adhesive-backed cast vinyl.

* Protective Coating - the skin is covered and sealed with a glossy clear protective laminate layer for long-lasting protection of the device from minor scratches and abuse.

* Hi-Tech Adhesive - easy to apply, allows for repositioning the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit, no residue left behind - easy on and easy off.

Now accepting pre-orders via Kickstarter website by visiting the link listed at the end of this release.

Unless you go for a boring old transparent hard case for your device, you're going to cover up that Apple logo on the back of your device when you slap a case on it. These iTattoo Snap cases compliment your Apple logo beautifully and make it part of the design.

Based in College Station, Texas, Alundus, LLC is an individually owned LLC founded in 2009 by Brice Milliorn for the sole purpose of creating iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android Applications. Alundus and the previous sold company have had combined sales of over one million of its iOS applications, Mac applications, and Android applications. The company has developed over 75 applications for other companies. Copyright (C) 2011 Alundus, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other rights are held with their respective owners.

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