Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Note 2.0 - Multimedia Note and Task Management for the iPhone

Falkensee, Germany - intelligence UG is pleased to announce the release of their new iPhone app The Note 2.0. The Note is the multimedia memory for at home, the office or while on the go. The app captures notes, tasks, checklists and memos and provides them with photos, videos, voice recordings, itemized lists and web links. All personal notes may be linked to categories, address book contacts, mapped out locations or favorites. Version 2.0 offers a more flexible task management and Getting Things Done (GTD), optional PIN protection, sorting, filtering and a full text search and 16 background images.

In a nutshell:
* The Note 2.0 has been released
* App for the iPhone and iPod touch
* Manages notes, tasks, checklists and memos
* Adds photos, videos, voice recordings, links and sets up itemized lists
* Establishes links to categories, address book contacts, mapped out locations and favorites
* Offers over 120 icons to identify documents, categories and more
* New: new user interface with 16 background images
* New: new task management and Getting Things Done (GTD)
* New: sorting, filtering and full text search
* New: optional PIN protection
* New: supports iOS 5.0
* New: advertising funded Free edition and advertising free PRO edition
* Price : $4.99 for The Note, PRO Edition

When it comes to capturing information and reminders The Note is the all-in-one alternative to Apples own apps for notes, reminders, camera, photos, voice recordings, maps and contacts. The app links a wide range of multimedia information. The Note records texts, takes pictures and videos, captures voice recordings, adds itemized lists and links, imports contacts from the address book, memorizes locations on the map and manages tasks with great flexibility.

The Note lets someone easily manage every day life and captures its best moments. The app records sudden inspirations, saves pictures taken while on the road (with commentary), keeps a diary, creates shopping lists, and knows exactly what still needs to be done. The longer the app is in use the more possibilities are being offered to the user.

In order to keep the app nice and tidy, all documents are being sorted into categories. This way private and business matters can quickly be separated or individual categories for projects and activities may be established. The Note 2.0: GTD, PIN Protection, iOS 5.0 Compatibility. As of right now version 2.0 of The Note is available. The many new features make an update more than worthwhile:

* New User Interface: The user interface has been completely revised and the app was equipped with a new main menu. Numerous optimizations ensure that the content may be captured and managed even better.

* 16 Background Images: Even the previous version of The Note let the user embellish documents, categories and more with an icon. 120 lovingly drawn icons are still available. Additionally 16 background images are being offered that may be assigned to the app. They provide an alternative to the typical Apple style.

* Getting Things Done (GTD): The new version of The Note supports Getting Things Done and manages tasks in an even more intelligent and flexible manner.

* Sorting, Filtering and Full Text Search: Documents in The Note can now be filtered and sorted alphabetically. This makes it much easier to quickly locate the desired content. A full text search is also available.

* Optional PIN Protection: The app allows only access to those users that identify themselves with the correct PIN. This way the often rather personal data is protected from unauthorized parties.

* Compatible with iOS 5.0: The new version of The Note has been adapted to the new operating system iOS and works here without problems.

Jan Effler of the responsible company in Berlin, intelligence UG: "Starting right now a purely advertising funded, fully functional Free edition and an advertising free PRO edition are being offered. The PRO edition may be purchased at $ 4.99."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 10.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The Note 2.0 (10 MB) is available right now in the iTunes App Store. The app is being offered in English and German and can be found under the category "Productivity". The advertising funded edition may be obtained free of charge. The advertisement free PRO edition has a one time price of $4.99. intelligence UG (limited liability) is a new company based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded by Jan Effler, an experienced app developer. "The Note" is the first app of the company and already a success in Germany and Europe, beeing recently in the Top 10 of its category. Copyright (C) 2011 intelligence UG. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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