Friday, October 14, 2011

The iPhone 4S Has Landed, As Cool as Expected!

So much for critics saying the non-iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S would be ho-hum for Apple. As it turns out, not only has it broken just about every record there is in terms of sales and performance, but it's now officially in my very own hands! Oh yea, and Apple stocks got a boost today and closed at a record high.

I've been hearing a few scattered reports that some people how pre-ordered their iPhones through AT&T have gotten emails delaying their units, or cancelling altogether but I can't confirm that myself. I pre-ordered mine through AT&T and had zero issues with receiving it, and only the initial snafu that all carriers had in the early hours of the official pre-order day of Oct. 7th when what seemed like the entire world was trying to secure a unit at the same time.

Being that I'm coming from an iPhone 3GS, the new 4S is sooo much faster in every way possible. And the camera, just wow. We all knew the camera in the 3GS was absolute crap in all but ideal lighting, however the 4S's camera has been incredible in all light conditions so far. Not to mention snappy fast and raring to go. The retina display; gorgeous with super crisp text. It makes my 3GS's text look blurry.

The new iCloud features, as well as PhotoStream have worked flawlessly for me as well and are a nice, seamless addition to the mix. Speaking of iCloud, when I first fired up the iPhone 4S, I used the cloud exclusively to backup and restore the new phone with all my content and settings without every plugging it in. That was great and worked perfectly, although it was probably a bit slower than just plugging the phone into my iTunes.

So in closing, so far I'm loving the iPhone 4S. It feels incredibly well made and the iOS 5 runs beautifully.

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