Monday, September 19, 2011

iTwin Reinvents the USB Drive for PC/ Mac Users

Singapore / Boston, MA  – Sept. 19, 2011 –  iTwin, creator of the award-winning iTwin USB device that enables users to privately access, share and edit their files and media from anywhere in the world, is excited to announce compatibility with Mac OS X (Lion and Snow Leopard).  Now both PC and Mac users can effortlessly share files via iTwin, a device that fits into the palm of a hand. 
iTwin is a revolutionary Plug’N’Play USB device that allows two online computers to share military-grade encrypted data from anywhere in the world. Comprising two identical parts, iTwin can be activated on any computer with an internet connection, and files from that computer can be shared anywhere the matching half, or “twin” goes.

Other iTwin benefits include:
  • State of the Art Security  – iTwin uses hardware-based two-factor authentication and military grade Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption to protect all data communication. When two halves of the iTwin are paired, the owner is sent a Remote Disable Code via email, which can be used in the event one half of the iTwin is lost or stolen.
  • No Storage LimitFiles reside on the shared computers, not the iTwin device itself, so capacity is only limited to the size of each shared computer’s hard drive (and any connected drives).    There are also no monthly storage fees, as compared with cloud storage and remote access software.
  • Ease of Use  – Simply Plug’n’Play, no setup or configuration is necessary.  Just connect two computers (Mac or PC) with internet access and iTwin enables file transfer anywhere in the world. As new features and enhancements are rolled out, free updates are install automatically.
For a demonstration video of how the iTwin works, click here.

“We are excited to be able to offer iTwin to both OS X and Windows customers,” says Lux Anantharaman, co-founder and CEO of iTwin. “We are confident that Mac users will be satisfied with the features iTwin offers, and which both consumers and small businesses have come to enjoy.  Now both Macs and PCs will have full, cross-platform capabilities with this revolutionary device that is perfect for their sensitive file sharing needs.”

Small businesses are especially finding iTwin useful for sharing information. Tom Overton is a U.S. based lawyer handling a sensitive matter for a client in Asia, and states, “By using the iTwin we can easily and securely transfer files and share information. Without the iTwin, securely transmitting confidential information was cumbersome and time consuming.  With the iTwin, the process is fast and easy.”  He adds, “Personally, I am thrilled with the new OS X support - this is the flexibility needed for both my business and personal use. iTwin is a perfect solution for people like me who don’t want to deal with the storage-size limits and security concerns of a cloud service or of a standard USB flash drive.”

iTwin  is currently available for $99 USD at and at  Existing Customers can get the free Mac OS X compatibility upgrade from  Every time there is a new version of the iTwin software, users will be automatically upgraded when plugging the device into a computer.

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About iTwin
iTwin is a USB device that enables users to securely access, share and edit all their files and media from anywhere in the world, simply and safely. Only iTwin offers a plug-and-play USB device that lets users remotely access all their files and media from any online computer. Unlike other offerings which have space limitations, ongoing fees and security risks, iTwin's compact design offers limitless capacity for a one-time fee and also secures data via two-factor authentication, military-grade end-to-end encryption and remote disable functionality. iTwin enhances productivity by enabling people to privately and painlessly access, share and edit files on-the-go. For a one-time fee, iTwin eliminates security concerns and gives mobile users peace of mind and full control of their digital life. For more on iTwin, please visit, or follow us via @iTwinTweet &

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