Saturday, September 10, 2011

Explore the National September 11th Memorial & Museum

On September 11, 2001, terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in a quiet field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Over 400 first responders perished heroically that day performing their sworn duty: firefighters, NYPD, PAPD, and other rescue workers. Those who were lost at the site were the everyday sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers who make up the fabric of this nation.
It is because of these facts that we have an obligation, which extends to the families and friends who lost loved ones, to those who survived, and to the millions of Americans and those from around the world who will come to this site.
Our mission is twofold: to create a Memorial at the very site of the attacks, where people will come to honor those who died on September 11 and reflect on the compassion and humanity evidenced in the aftermath of the attack, and to create a Memorial Museum where people will not only examine “what happened” on 9/11, but also the questions of “why” and “what does this mean for our future?”
Collectively, the Memorial & Museum will remind us of the powerful and binding connection we share with one another. A connection that eclipses politics, race, economic class, and geography.
The world remembers how we came together in the aftermath of September 11. This spirit of unity and compassion can still be seen in the tremendous support we’ve already received from contributors in all 50 states and 28 countries. Please join us in this historic endeavor.

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