Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Announces October 4 Event: Let’s Talk iPhone

It's finally official! Apple's next iPhone, among many other expected items, will be announced next Tuesday, Oct 4th at the Cupertino headquarters of the world's most powerful and expensive brand. It's anybody's guess if there will be just one updated iPhone or a completely new iPhone from the inside out.

We know for damn near certain that Apple will upgrade the iPhone 4 internals with a dual core A5 processor and a higher quality camera. However will they just upgrade the existing iPhone 4 exoskeleton or will they start from scratch on the design front? We'll have to wait until October 4th, but you can sure that this is one of the most anticipated product launches this century. Literally millions upon millions of people are ready and willing to click a preorder button for the next iPhone, sight unseen if need be. Now that's brand loyalty if I've ever seen it. The great majority of current iPhone users assume Apple will only make it better.

As a current iPhone 3GS user, I've fought the urge to upgrade to the iPhone 4 mostly because of Antenna-Gate. Then as time went on, and the summer of 2011 came and went with no new iPhone, I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn't have just went the iPhone 4 a year ago. Luckily the next revision is now right around the corner and I for one can not wait to move into a retina display and much better camera with a flash because I gotta tell ya the camera on the 3GS sucks out loud in all but ideal lighting conditions.

Bring on the new iPhone and just as importantly, bring on iOS 5!

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