Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sans Digital Introduces TowerRAID+ SAS Storage

6G SAS / SATA JBOD / RAID 5 Tower w/ Over 750MB/s – TowerRAID+ TR4X+(B) / TR8X+(B) Series

City of Industry, CA – Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is proud to announce the new additions to the new TowerRAID+ series tower storage units: The Sans Digital TowerRAID TR4X+(B) and TR8X+(B). The TR4X+(B) is a four bay SAS storage tower offered in both silver or black finish while the TR8X+(B) is an eight bay SAS tower storage tower also available in both colors. Both models support ultra fast SAS hard drives natively and are also compatible with SATA HDDs via single or dual SFF-8088 Mini-SAS interface(s).

SAS hard drives provide enterprise-level performance and features suitable for mission critical applications, while the SATA hard drives allow high capacity for near-line storage with affordable pricing. Either SAS or SATA hard drives, the Sans Digital TowerRAID+ SAS series are ready for your most demanding application storage needs in one single tower configuration. In addition to the TR4X+(B) and TR8X+(B), there are also special highperformance RAID HBA bundles that provides the best performance and value, avoiding potential system incompatibility and undesired performance outcomes.

For the 6Gbps hardware RAID HBA bundles, the TR4X+(B)HA is bundled with HA-HIG-RR2684 while the TR8X+(B)HA is bundled with HA-ARC-ARC1880X RAID controller and the TR8X+(B)P is bundled with SAS and SATA HA-HIG-RR2722 RAID controller to provide the best possible performance. All RAID HBA bundled models provides performance in excess of 500 MB/s for 4 bay and 750MB/s* for 8 bay with hot-spare functionality to immediately re-build data on the lost hard disk automatically.

In addition to the high performance and rich feature set, the TowerRAID+ SAS series 6Gbps hardware RAID HBA bundles also support a wide range of computer operating systems including Windows, MAC and Linux plus support for VMware to be used as a centralized storage for ESX/ESXi server or by the VMware virtual machines. Enterprise-like features such as online RAID level migration, online RAID expansion, RAID roaming and Email notification for critical errors/events are also included via an user-friendly web GUI based management. The TowerRAID+ SAS series provide a blazing fast data transfer speed highly suitable for the video editing, critical server database or data backup applications.

“Supporting both enterprise SAS and high capacity SATA hard drives provide flexibility to our customers,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Development of Sans Digital. “With the bundled 6Gbps SAS and SATA RAID controller, the TowerRAID+ SAS series provide a feature-rich high performance storage system ready for your most demanding data storage application.”

For more information on the TowerRAID+ SAS series, please visit: http://www.sansdigital.com/performance-comparison/towerraidplus-sas-performance.html.

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